Marketing to the body, mind & soul


We escaped hustle and bustle to clear our minds and find a new focus. For a better life, more fulfilling work and to serve our clients with a renewed energy.

Sometimes you just need to stop, reflect and re-boot your modus vivendi, which is what we did two years ago after a decade working ourselves to the ground.

We escaped to the Philippines and embraced a slower pace, and gave ourselves plenty of time to plan our next chapter.

Over the past couple of years we have experienced wellness as a part of our own journey but also studied the industry and all its facets. We decided to play a part too and help practices excel in their online efforts. We exist where marketing, customer-centricity and technology intersect, forming Systems of Bliss.

These are a few words about us. But we’re more interested in your story and how we can help you create an ongoing narrative of business success.

Marco & Cattleya Bauer


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